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Relaxation Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

3 Relaxation Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponRedditemailMost of the people who work in offices sometimes get little time to get up from their chairs. This could lead to back pain, shoulder pain, eye strain and leg pain. It is very important to get up from your chair if you have been sitting for more than 20 minutes at a stretch. However, if you do not get the opportunity to get up from your chair then you can do some relaxation exercises at your desk. The 3 relaxation exercises which you can do at your desk are: 1. Deep Breathing Deep breathing helps expand the lungs and forces better distribution of the air into all sections of the lung. Deep breathing is a good way to reduce tension, feel relaxed and reduce stress. To perform deep breathing, you need to sit with both feet flat on the floor and on the edge of your chair seat so your body is not pressed against the chair back. Inhale to a count of 3 then exhale to a count of 6x. Repeat this process …